Lifting Equipment Lifting Chains

MATERIAL: High tenacity webbing in polyester
Here are samples of the most popular versions:Lifting Equipment Lifting Chains
Also available are sets with metal eyes and hooks but webbing legs as well.

Webbing Slings and Ratchets

A full range of webbing slings is available from 50mm up to 300mm with optional leather eyes or wear sleeves. All are made from high-tenacity polyester/polypropylene to British Standards.


Cargo Lashings from 1TON (25mm) up to 10TONs (75mm) with any end fittings that are required. Below are the most popular.
Webbing Slings
C - ENDLESS - (Single)
D - ENDLESS (Double)
Webbing Slings
A - SIMPLEX (Single)
B - DUPLEX (Double)
Cargo Lashings from 1TON (25mm) up to 10TONs (75mm) with any end fittings that are required. Below are the most popular.
Cargo Lashings
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Why Morris Hoists?
Over a century of experience in the design and manufacture of every type of materials handling equipment makes Morris a world leader in the field. Engineering, design and manufacturing excellence combined with a total understanding of lifting needs, enable us to offer the most comprehensive range of hoists available in the world today.
Whatever the requirement, Morris Material Handling can provide the solution.
The 400 Series is the workhorse of industry around the globe. Its record for ease of maintenance and length of working life is unchallenged.
Standard Trolley
Format for single girder crane and runway applications. Requires minimum side envelope.
Low Headroom
Designed for single girder crane and runway applications where the hook drawn up dimension is critical.
All the additional features you could hope for are readily available:
  • Control pendant
  • Dual speed hoist and travel
  • Thermistors, anti-condensation heaters and thermal overloads
  • Galvanised load rope
  • High temperature applications
  • IP55 and IP65 enclosures
  • Flexible trolleys
  • Limit switches for travel and over hoist
  • Emergency stop/reset
  • Load limiter
  • Auxillary crab
  • Radio control
  • Condition monitoring
Morris Wire Rope Hoists come in a range of trolley styles to satisfy the needs of every potential application, whatever your requirements.
Fixed MountedDual Hoist Trolley
The base unit of all hoists can be used as a replacement for existing installations. Can be used for foot, floor or wall mounted applications allowing for total flexibility in the angle that rope is drawn from the drum.
Dual Hoist Trolley
The dual hoist trolley is ideally suited to a high capacity main hoist, with a relatively low hoisting speed for precision handling of large loads, with a higher hoisting speed, providing faster handling of more regular light tools.
Standard Crab
Designed for double girder crane applications. Available in standard and special gauges.


We supply the full range of Ramsey Winches and Parts Support.
PLANT EQUIPMENT LTD. supply all types of Cargo Ratchet Lashing Systems.
All Webbing Lifting Slings are made from high tenacity polyester / polypropylene to British Standards.
CARGO LASHINGS from 1 ton (25mm) up to 10 tons (75mm) with any end fittings that are required.
INTERNAL and EXTERNAL SYSTEMS for use with the Over Centre Buckle and any end fittings.
WEBBING LIFTING SLINGS: A full range of Webbing Slings is available from 50mm up to 300mm. Leather eyes or wear sleeves can be fitted.
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